North Carolina 7 year old Peruvian Paso ridden in a racking bit and light western & saddle seat saddle in round pen, pasture, ect. by rider with 16yrs experience, 3yrs with gaited horses.

Question:  I have had this horse for 3 years, the man I bought him from was a horse trader, he did not know the horse could rack, he had only had him for two weeks, but I knew something was different about his transition from the trot to the canter, "he will not rack unless you make him", I also spoke to the previous owners, they said he racked for
there little girl all the time and very well, I have since gotten him to rack, "by changing the bit", the only problem that he has, and has had from the beginning is, he stumbles on his REAR feet " when his foot strikes the ground it toes in and rolls over onto the front of his
pastern!!! I have tried cutting them off short, filing them down square, heavier shoes on the back, chains, ridding him up & down slopes, in plowed fields, sand, hard dirt roads, ect. i thought about trying heavy shoes again, some people have said to try the chains again, or put skids on him, "he dose have flats on", I think he needs to tuck his butt, drive from the rear, and come up in the front, but even when I ride him in the saddle seat saddle and sit behind the vertical, he still stumbles. I have also asked a few breeders of Pasos' about his conf, they say it is excellent for racking, I have also had a flexation test done on him, no
problem there either.  PLEASE help... I really LOVE this horse !!!

From Panelist Liz


If this is due to his structure there may not be anything that can be done to help this. Sounds like you have tried about everything there is but maybe saddle fit, which could be a problem . Peruvians can be troublesome  at times to find the right saddle. Next would be a muchmore though vet exam than a flexion test or maybe a 2nd opinion from a vet.


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