Missouri, 4 year old MFT ridden in Snaffle and roping saddle in pasture by a trainer of quarter horses.

Question: I have a mare that paces most on flat ground getting to up and down hill she is alitte high headed with nose out, she had some pretty rough hands on her mouth so right now when you get on bit head up. I would like to know anything that might help even some details on shoes 

From Panelist Carol

Hi QH Trainer,

You sound like you are on the right track by recognizing the need to get her nose down.  I usually accomplish this by doing lots of lateral flexion, teaching the horse to carry itself in a speed without rein pressure and then doing lots of small circles and possibly lateral work.  It is normal for a pacy horse to square itself up going uphill and get more pacy going downhill.  I will adjust my speed to the terrain.  Small circles and laterals break up the 1-2 lateral beat of the pace.  By obtaining control of each foot independently you can control when it lands and break up the pace.  

Hope this makes sense to you--if not, feel free to write back.

Carol Camp Tosh

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