6 year old Fox Trotter / Walker cross with 60 days professional training ridden in  Curb & broken snaffle w/med curved shank and Big Horn cordura saddle in arena by intermediate level rider

Question: This is not particularly a training problem. This horse is a 16 hand gelding. He has an unusually thick neck. Lots of crest. Just got him back from 3 weeks at a trainers and hoped some of it would be gone. It is not hard, but just excessively thick and moves when he moves.
The vet never has any suggestions. Just says that's the way he is.  Pictures of him at 6 months shows a thick neck, but we are concerned that this is not healthy. He isn't riden hard. Usually just trail rides. From coming from the trainer, he does fox trot better. The thickness in his neck is at least 2 or more inches above where the natural neck is arched. WE have not tried a neck sweat because I understand they can be dangerous if not used properly. Have any of you experienced a horse with this problem? If so, were you ble to correct it? or should we not be worried about it. 

Thanks for your help!!

From Panelist Erica

I would first have a different vet out to check him. He may be hypo-thyroid, and I would recommend possibly having some blood pulled and him tested for that. If he has excess weight on other places of his body, cut back his feed a little and give him some more exercise. The neck's crest should not sway back and forth when he moves, which in your description would lead me to think thyroid. But in any case, get a different vet out to look at him - and be sure it is a vet that specializes in EQUINE medicine. Good luck!

Erica Frei

From Panelist Carol


       I wouldn't be particularly worried about your horse's thick crest if he is not otherwise obese. If he is obese and can't lose weight, ask your vet to check his thyroid activity.  If you are wanting to show him and concerned about appearance, some benefit may be gained from sweating the neck, but I do not have any experience with
or opinion about neck sweating.

Carol Camp Tosh

From Panelist Liz

Hi, It may be worth having this horse tested for a inactive thyroid. 
This is a blood test that can be done by a vet. I have one of theses horses my self and with meds has been doing great for many years.

Elizabeth Graves

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