Kansas 3 year old Saddlebred with 1 1/2 years pro training ridden in full cheek snaffle a

       Type of saddle?: saddle seat

       Facilities Available?: pasture/large fenced riding area

       Level Rider: intermediate

       Question: I brought my saddlebred home about one month ago, after 1.5
       years of training. She had been doing very well until the last four
       months, when my trainer acquired her own barn. After the move to the
       new training barn, she started rearing and exhibiting head shyness. 
       These problems only got worse and after no improvement, we brought her
       home. Her head shyness is improving but I'm wary of riding her due to
       the rearing. I believe she may be afraid of any pressure on the bit,
       even though we had many wonderful rides before the "new barn." Any
       suggestions? She gets upset even if I put slight pressure on the reins,
       even from the ground, but she works beautifully with side reins. Also
       when should I ask for the rack??? Her trainer never asked, said she is
       too small to compete. ( 15-3) Any help will be greatly appreciated. 

       Thanks for a website that helps non-pros!

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