Tennessee 1 1/2 year old TWH

Question: Is there anything that can be done for a young horse that appears to be over at the knees?

From Panelist Darla

AT 1 1/2 it might be difficult to bring him back straight.  I usually keep them in a small paddock if they look that way when they are born and they straighten out everytime.  Have you consulted your veterinarian?

They may recommentd some special farrier work.  I recently had a yearling Spotted 
Saddle Horse colt to train.  He was way over on one knee.  The vet  recommended I have my farrier trim off his heels and leave his toe long on the side he was kneed over on.  We just let his toe grow and kept taking the heel off.  the rest of his feet we kept balanced normal.  When hewas ready for shoes we put a toe elevator on and kept his heel low again. I exersized him after two days of just walking in his paddock to get his tendons used to the stretch.  I exersized him every day slowly at first.  Then I started saddeling him and taking him out on the trail being ponied.  Then after a couple of weeks I started riding him.  Only fifteen minutes at a time for two weeks then I gradually increased.  He is fine today and gaits beautifully.  

His knee is still over but so slightly it is hardly noticeable. We still keep his heel low on that side and he has never been lame or even sore.  I  would love to hear how you do with your horse.  Please remember to seek good professional advise whenever you feel uncomfortable making a decision on your own and you will do fine.    

Sincerely, Darla

From Panelist Liz

Hi , When horse is over at the knees this is what they are and as an owner of any horse we all should know what the conformational deviations from ideal are.  This it is just a matter of knowing that your horse may have limitations in performance due to this but makes
know less of an enjoy able animal.

I would recommend not over stressing the horse with out proper conditioning prior to any heavy work .



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