Virginia 3 year old American Saddlebred ridden in western snaffle with rollerand english, all purpose saddle in pasture, mostly, some trails by intermediate rider.

Question: I have a 3 yr old American Saddlebred gelding,
when I bought him the owners said they had him racking
before they sold him the first time.  But when they got him
back because the people that bought him never paid for him
he would not rack because the people never racked him and he
got out of it.  The question is how do I get him back
racking again?  I have managed to get him racking for a few
steps, but then he breaks into a canter. I have tried to see
saw the reins, but he just thinks I want him to stop.  I
don't know what else to do.  I don't have any chains I can
use. Hard to find around my area.  

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