Idaho, Gaited Horse of unknown breed about 14 years of age ridden in snaffle bit--rope nose combo and western saddle in pasture, trail, round pen by intermediate rider.

Question: We know that "Houston", our gelding, is gaited, but wonder about his breed.  His gaits are very smooth and natural to ride, even though they look a bit 'awkward' to
watch.  When he trots, both legs on each side hit front and rear at the same time.  At a lope, his rear seems to swing out to one side as he gets started, and he looks like he's
about to lope with his back legs and trot with his front. 

He stands about 16 hh, with a very arched, muscular neck. He has a narrow chest, but that may well be due to breeding.  Mannerisms--absolutely the most companionable and
loving horse I've ever seen. Gentle, gentle eyes.  Thrives on human companionship.  An amazing animal.  Any ideas?  I could send a picture if that would help.  


From Panelist Theresa

His "trot" is actually a pace, and my guess is its a nice little swing pace. Comfortable, slightly swingy and you can go forever on it. A trot is actually a diagonal gait( front and opposit rear swing foward forming beat one, then opposite front and its opposite rear forming the second of the two beat gait) while a pace is a lateral gait (meaning both sides working at the same time in a two beat gait). 

It sounds like your horse could be a Tennessee Walking horse, or possibly a mountian horse (kentucky mountian, or rocky mountian). Pictures would be fun to see!!


From Panelist Steve

Sounds like a Walker to me.

Steve Chasko

From Panelist Laura

The "trot" you describe sounds like it is a gait called the pace.  This is a lateral 2-beat gait where the front and hind legs on one side move together.  Your horse could be derived from a Standardbred, Tennessee Walking Horse or Missouri Fox Trotter (or something else <G>).  Without any papers, there is no really good way to say just what breed your horse is.  Talk to the people who owned him before & try to track down past owners until one of them tells you where he came from.


From Panelist Carol

Hi Susie,

Your horse sounds like a tennessee Walking Horse crossbred to me.  Several walking horses were in Idaho during the '50's, including multi-world champion Hill's Perfection.  He is larger than would be typical of a Paso and the gaits you describe sound like a walker.


From Panelist Lee

A picture might help -- although gaited breeds can look like all sorts of things.  His "trot" from your description is a pace or stepping pace.  His canter sounds like a typical mixed "siar" type canter seen in many gaited horses.

My vote would be to just enjoy him as he is and not worry too much about what breed he might be from.  He could be anything from a Walking Horse to a Standardbred to a Fox Trotter, to a cross of one of these on something else.

Lee Ziegler

From Panelist Stella

From your description,all but the "pacey/pacing" sounds like he's got Missouri Foxtrotter blood, or is one, but a photo would definitely be helpful..especially moving in gait, for accuracy. Often even a correct or trotty gait looks pacey to persons previously used to only watching the I am going more by the rest of your descriptions of movement and conformation.


From Panelists Liz

 It sound like the gait he is going to is more to a pace, But as to his breed is could be one or a mix of many.

Just enjoy him and if you want some help smoothing out gait or more analyzing his gait find and experienced gaited person to give you a hand.



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