15 month old TWH with low pasterns

Question: Bought a TWH from a reputable breeder sight unseen.  When it was delivered I noticed the hind pasterns were real low.  They almost touch the ground.  Had the feet
trimmed and was told this is a serious fault.  Dose this improve with age and is there anything I can do to improve this fault?  

This was not a cheap horse and am considering returning it to the breeder.  

Thanks Don

From Panelist Liz
Hi Don,
 If this was a new born foal and up until a few days old this would
not be a problem for me as I know in most case it is just the weakness
of a newborn using and building the strength for the pasterns to come
up. But at this age, Yes in my opinion this is a serious fault. I
personally would not want any horse with this situation.

I may not need to say this but feel I should for others that may think
of doing it.  I have learned this my self. Doesn't matter who you buy
from, I will never buy sight unseen. It's just not worth the slight
chance that it may just not be what you really wanted.

Good luck Don and I hope all works out ok for you.


From Panelist Stella

nly in a newborn will this improve, with movement(in a week or so, with exercise). At 15 months, if the pasterns are that low, this horse is very highly likely to develop DSLD if that isnt the case already. It is a serious fault. Definitely return the horse to the breeder. He should have made you aware of this problem beforehand.


From Panelist Bob

I think that you were given good advice! This IS a serious fault that probably won't improve appreciably. I would return the horse and get my money back!

Bob Blackwell

From Panelist Erica

Yes low pasterns are a fault, depending on how low they go depends on how serious the fault. Low pasterns will not improve with age, but rather they will get weaker naturally with age as the tendons and ligaments take on wear. 

If you feel that the breeder was representing this horse I would definitely inquire about returning her for your money back or another horse.

Erica Frei

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