New Hampshire 6 year old Paso Fino ridden in jaquima, big hanger, mild paso bit by intermediate rider.

Question: Hi, I'm struggling to find either a Western saddle or one with similiar security for trail riding and pleasure hacking on my 14.1 Paso Fino.  I'm looking for a synthetic or equally light weight.  The Paso Fino saddles I've sat in at tack shops would no doubt fit the horse, but they certainly don't fit me and I doubt they would be comforable for several hours of riding.  Other brands of saddles like Wintec or Abetta would work for me, but it doesn't seem like they will fit him.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

PS:  He's really solid in his gait when his saddle doesn't hurt.

From Panelisi Liz
It may be worth your while to contact these companies direct to see if
they could make a saddle more to a custom fit to your horse. I do not
know if they will but it would be worth asking.

From Panelist Laura

You might try a Big Horn cordura saddle.  It doesn't seem to pinch in at the withers as much as some other saddles.  Look for a local dealer that will let you try different brands of saddles on your horse.  When you check out the saddle, try to have someone familiar with saddle fit with you to make sure it fits right.  Use a pillowcase or towel under the saddle when you set it on the horse's back so you don't get it dirty & you can return it.  You might want to trailer your horse to a tack shop and have the shop owner check the 
fit of several different saddles for you.  Some catalog companies will let you return saddles within a few days if it doesn't fit.  

Happy shopping!

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