Tennessee 9 year old Standard Bred ridden in western,walking bit,chaincurb and western saddle in ring,pasture,trail by moderate rider.

Question: I have a 9 yr old standard bred mare that will not rack on hard surface but will rack when rode in the pasture or soft ground.

From Panelist Liz

Your horse may be finding the concussion to its hooves on the hard ground is uncomfortable. I may also check to be sure that the horse does not have a soundness problem. Long distance on hard ground over time could make any horse not willing to move out on that kind of surface especially at faster speeds.


From Panelist Jonathan

Unless you are asking or allowing her to go too fast on the hard surface , there by allowing her to brake , this should not be happening. Hence deeper soil slowing her down retains the rack .

Actually to go any further I would have to know 
1)what is she doing if not racking 
2) exactly how is she shod ie: angles from heel to toe and from side to side of each hoof . 3) what is she shod with ie: caulks , pads , weighted or both 
4) and lastly , is she traveling thru the rack and breaking or never reaching it at all , on the harder serface .



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