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Question: Trailor loading problem.  I have a front load ramp 2 horse trailor, which my horse loads and unloads fine from, however when I put him in my sisters slant load trailor he would not back out of the trailor, when his rump hit the back wall he just could not figure out how to swing his hindquarters around to get lined up to back out.He is a
quiet horse so did not panic, but if I put pressure on him he just shoots forward and dances in place. 

We put driving lines on him and I could back him out with those on.  But to date he will not back out on his own. In a slant load trailor you can only work with them on the near side when they are in the trailor. (Yes you can turn them around but I would like him to learn to back out for safty reasons.)  What is the best way to teach him to swing his hips to the left so he can line up to back out. It seems we are always teaching them to swing away from us, and not into us so maybe this is why.  I dont know --

Please help.  Thank you

From Panelist Laura

You could try working him outside the trailer to back in the direction you want.  Try backing him over plywood at first, then maybe off a small bridge to get used to stepping down while backing.  Also try backing him along a wall (maybe your house or barn) and let him back into it, then turn him a little to straighten him out to back straighter without bumping into the wall.  

Practice outside the trailer until you both get good at this and then practice inside the trailer on a day when you aren't going anywhere.  Don't take him repeatedly in and out of the trailer several times in a row.  This tends to teach a horse to get in & then hop back out immediately which isn't very good for getting a horse to stay in a trailer after you load them.  



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