TWH has lost running walk

Michigan 7 year old Tenn Walker Gelding. Ridden western in a halter briddle/snaffle with 4 " shanks in ring & on trial by very experienced rider.

Question: I have owned this horse before. I searched him down and bought him again. He is a very reliable trail horse.
Problem: He use to do a running walk head shake and all really had alot of front end action. I got him back the people pulled his shoes and let him run barefoot for two years. He had no foot. I have him fully shoed and a very good twh farrier shoe him.  Sometimes he racks sits right up in the brdle and goes. Sometimes he walks like a quarter horse. I still have not been able to find that running walk I know he can do? am I doing somthing wrong? I ride him on a loose rien to get that head shacking action, going slow to loosen him up and I still have had him going good yet.
He has wieghted shoes on the rear and on the front are kegs  with heel caulks boreum on all four.

From Panelists Laura
Is your horse shod this way because he is trotty or because he is too racky?  

Usually, if you put a weighted shoe on the hinds, you don't want borium there since it keeps the foot from swinging all the way through with the weight of the shoe.  (might as well put on kegs with borium, the extra weight on the back feet is wasted since the borium stops the motion too soon).  Since you live in Michigan, you probably need the borium just to keep upright <G>, so you might replace the hinds with keg shoes with borium and wait for better weather to work on gait.

After the need for borium is gone, you could go back to working on getting your horse looser and swinging more.  Continue with your slow work.  Some horses get afraid of slipping in the ice & snow and won't loosen up until the footing gets better.  The borium also tends to stop the foot and can cause your horse to tighten up.  You also might want to try a Wonder bit or other type of mild gag bit.  Sometimes, this bit helps to get a horse swinging more.  Some horses like this bit so much they relax more and gait better 
after only a few days working in it (of course, some horses hate it and get worse - depends on the horse...).
Looks like you will need a bunch of wet saddle blanket time with this horse.  Don't get too discouraged, it will take time to get his gait back, but you should be able to get it back.


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