Illinois 2 year old TWH I just started riding the horse in a  snaffle and western saddle in  trail or pasture.

Question: Just started training young twh stallion.  Neat walk and great headshake.  Picks feet up rather nicely for liteshod horse.  Good disposition.  Outstanding young colt. But I
want to know how to make him reach more with his front legs.  Tell me how to get a longer stride and even a longer overreach.  When will do that he will be a great colt. 

Thanks for your response.

From Panelist Laura

Sounds like a nice colt that you are starting right.  Continue with what you are doing and do a LOT of dog walking.  Gradually speed up the dog walk and ask him to keep increasing his stride.  This works the same muscles as those needed for a good running walk/flat walk and will help keep him loose and relaxed.  Don't let him trudge along slowly.  This tends to shorten the horse up and keep them tight.  A fast, loose dog walk does wonders for reach in both the front and hind end.


From Panelsit Liz

If this colt has the structure to have a longer reach in front and a deeper over stride it will come with time. He is only 2 and still has growing to do. Before asking him to do to much I would let him finish growing, even if he is close to his maximum height his bones and
muscles will not finish developing until around 5 years.

When asking for more reach in front and behind on a walking horse keep him in a neutral frame(level back). Lifting the head can shorten the stride. Teach a dog walk and 2 speeds of the flat walk (slow & fast). A good  conditioning program will do a lot for making a stronger horse to get maximum performance. At 2 years old you can still be limited to
only so much riding time with out creating stress to a young immature body.



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