West Virginia 2 1/2 year Paso old ridden in hackamoreand cut back saddle in  ring and on trails by intermediate rider

 Question: New owner.  broke my horse to saddle myself. reason for horse.Cannot ride a trotter do to leg/hip injury years ago. This is my personal riding horse. starting to train myself. horse will be 3 in April. What is the best way to begin training of gaits. fino, corto, and Largo?   Very few pasofino people in area. know only one who has a  paso/quarter mix. 

From Panelsits Terry

    Good gait comes with consistency in your work. Before you worry about your horse gaiting work on getting him light and flexible. As a horses, and that is any horse not just a Paso becomes flexible they use there body better and improve the quality of there gait and also there carriage. 
Circles and bending are where flexibility will come from. Here are the basic points to work on loosing up the poll, neck, shoulder, back, and hindquarter.  Working on these areas will help your horse to be supple and in turn improve the quality of his gait. In the beginning don't worry if he is gaiting I prefer my horses to be on the trocha side which later will give be better gait.

Terry Whaples

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