Wisconsin, 8 year old Peruvian Paso ridden in Wonder bit and Western saddle in arena by intermediate rider.

Horse Breed: Tennessee Walker

Horse Age: 6 year

How Long have you owned the horse?: just about 1 year

Professional Training?: No

How long a problem?: 3 weeks

Headgear: 4' shank snaffle

Type of saddle?: Western

Facitilties Available?: Round pen /pasture

Level Rider: amateur

Question: Hi there my name is Roy, I have a Tennessee Walker and now a Fox
Trotter. I love both. The Walker Black Cloud is my first. He
has never thone me but he has come strait up with me a few
times. And some times it is hard to get him to do what I
want him to do. He has been out in the pasture for almost a
year by him self and everyone tells me that he needed a
freind when I was not around. Note I get up at 4:30am to
feed him and I stay out there with him untill I leave for
work at 7:00am then when I come home I am ou there till way
past dark. And I don't mined it. I say its like taking
med's. Anyhow I went out and got a Fox Trotter named Ozark's
Golden Angle she is 8 years old. I got her last week. The
problem is now if I take her out like going to the Vet or
anything he goes nuts. I have had to lock him up in the
stable for fair he would go though the wire. is this a bad
thing locking him up and will it hurt him. And two I don't
know what he is going to do when I saddle him up. I am
waiting for the shoe'er to come out now to do both of them
on Friday. And was hopping to ride this weekend on one or
even both. I have been told that the Fox Trotter Angle is
going to be the best ride ever. 

From Panelist Lee

Lee Ziegler


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