West Virginia 6 year old Paso Fino It was started by previous owner in ky at 2 years of age. Previous owner got frustrated and turned the horse out to pasture till age of 5. Ridden in and western saddle in ring by intermediate rider.

Question: Horse needs extra patience for a paso. He is very tall almost 17 hands. not common for a registered paso fino. He gates fine but becomes confused at times on forward and backing. he had a growth spurt when he came to the farm. My husband has put over a hundred pounds on this horse. He is as large as a mule. he gates well for a paso but does not fino at all! He has never had a bit placed in his mouth. From age 2 till 5 he was kept in an open field. He is a beautiful horse now. He just needs a bit more
patience in handling him daily.

What can one do about the confusion?

From Panelist Lee

I am not sure what confusion you are concerned about.  Between forward and back?

If that is the problem, it probably depends a lot on what aids you are using to ask for the two things.  If you want him to go forward, use your legs in a light squeeze/release just at the girth, while very slightly tilting your seat forward. If you want him to back, press with your legs just behind the girth, while very slightly tilting your seat to the rear. 

If you are consistent in using these cues he will figure out what you mean by them.  Who knows what he was taught in his previous training.

I can't imagine a horse this large would be able to fino -- assume he does a
decent corto and largo?

Lee Ziegler

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