Non-USA 4 1/2 year old TWH Horse

Question: This question may not belong here as it's not
really a training problem.  I'm wondering when a TWH is
considered mature and will not grow anymore.  I'm sure it
probably varies with each horse, but I'm curious, generally
speaking. I guess I'm partially wondering this as my gelding
will turn 5 this June and I'm wondering if he could still be
considered 'not yet mature' as far as height etc. goes.
Someone once told me that a tennessee walking horse is not
full grown completley until they are 7 or 8.  Is this true?
He is 15.2 already and I really don't want him to grow too
much more, however he did seem to grow this past winter.


From Panelist Lee

He will grow until he is at least 6, and perhaps a bit more after than.
Often the taller ones keep growing in height well after they turn 5.   TWH
follow about the same schedule of maturity that other breeds do, they are
all horses!

Lee Ziegler

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