Missouri 3 year old Walking Paint/MFT with 60 days professional training ridden in  Hackamore or Full cheek snaffle and Western roper & all purpose english saddle in round pen,  outdoor arena by intermediate beginner rider.

Question: My gelding is very intelligent, and a quick learner. The trainer trained him in the
basics of general horsemanship(walk,trot,canter etc.) He stops on a dime, and will back from one end of the arena to the other. The problem is he is not motivated to move out faster than a working walk. The trainer said he had to use spurs on him to keep him going. I tried this as well as a crop with minimal success. I am not at a point to take lessons (no trailer) and haven't found a trainer that will come to where my horse is. I know that my seat is not the best so I am sure that is 98% of the problem. 
Do you know of any training books that I can gain acess to? Golden Gaits, and Heavenly gaits seem to me to describe the gaits, but I need to know how to get my horse to the point of doing the gaits. He is an awsome horse, he holds up his back feet when I pick them out , and is very affectionate and loves to be fussed with. But I want more. I want to enjoy those heavenly gaits. I have on a couple of occasions (by dumb luck on my part) to gait out for me and even got him to canter once and his gaits are truly heavenly! I know that a lot of the problem is due to my lack of training and his lack of maturity. Please help me if you can.

From Panelist Laura

 It sounds like you have a nice horse that is still a little green (new to 
this riding stuff).  Don't worry too much about getting him to gait all the 
time.  Whenever he goes into the nice, smooth gait, praise & pet him.  Urge 
him to speed up a little at a time and if he gets rough, slow him down a 
little until he is smooth again.  Sounds like you both just need more saddle 
time.  He's only 3 and will get better as he gets older.  Take your time & 
enjoy your horse.


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