Terry Whaples

 It takes hours in the saddle to train a proficient show 

Sinfonia de Zacate Azul 

1996 Reserve National Champion 3 year old Pleasure Filly. 

Terry believes in the personal touch, 
handling many details himself. 

All horses are ridden out in the open, as they are trained. 
Thus developing mind, body and level of performance 
all at once! 

"There are a couple of things to keep in mind when starting  young horses. First is, NEVER get into a rush, a baby knows very little so take the time to teach them and give them the chance to learn, it takes time and patients. 
Put time into handling the young horses grooming, tying, and picking up feet, give them a chance to get to understand and trust you!" 

 Terry's Homepage

  Terry is 34 years old, married with two children. He has been training Paso Finos for thirteen years. 
   Born and raised in southeast Wisconsin,  he was riding before he could walk. Horses have been a part of the Whaples family for three generations Grandfather, Father, and now Terry have all been horsemen.  His horse experience started with the family horses, then he got involved in  4H for six years as the next step in the progression. During the same period on weekends and summer vacations Terry worked for several Standardbred training stables. He began by starting harnessing horses and cleaning stalls, but it did not take long and he was on the track exercising horses. From there Terry worked on Arabian farms doing everything from running the breeding program to starting the young horses undersaddle. 
   Terry's early years were filled with horses. After graduating high school Terry enrolled in shoeing school, a dream from early on in life,  to become a farrier. After three years working as a farrier Terry missed training horses so he followed an opportunity to learn reining and cutting from one of the all time greats. Unfortunately this was the first time away from family and friends and it proved to be too much and Terry returned home to Wisconsin. 
   Once home he came upon a Paso Fino farm looking for a trainer. Terry had never even ridden a Paso Fino, but with his knowledge of horses the owners of the farm and Terry agreed to give this a trial period. The Paso Finos intrigued him!  The Paso Fino intrigued him the willingness, intelligence, and amazing athletic ability were astounding. 
   The gait was unlike anything he had ever rode and their athletic ability rivaled the reining and cutting horses. After two years with this farm he had a basic understanding of the Paso Fino, but he knew if he were going to improve to a national level he would need more education. 
   During that first two year period , Terry had met many owners and trainers from farms all around the country, many very helpful people, always willing to share knowledge and experiences. One such person happen to manage a very prestigious farm in Miami. He had asked Terry to come down to the farm to apprentice with their trainer. This was a chance of a lifetime,  Terry moved to Miami. This move led to many opportunities, which enabled Terry to learn from some of the best trainers in the country. 
   Terry is located in northern Kentucky just fifteen minutes from I-75, were he has been for the last four years. 
A beautiful sixty eight acre facility private, and picturesque. 
This full service facility has a new twenty four stall barn, with automatic waters, double wash rack, and twenty plus acres 
of pastures. The farms layout was  designed for safety and workability. All pastures are fenced with four rail safety fence for the horse's protection. 

Always the personal touch! 

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