It all started with pony rides in very early childhood; I spent the first 
twenty years of my riding life taking lessons, learning and exploring every 
riding discipline-western, dressage, hunt seat, saddleseat,galloping 
racehorses,and even driving. I've always had an interest with the different 
ways horses could move, how and why, and the influence of both nature, 
environmental factors, and the rider. By the time I was in my late teens, I 
was already working part-time professionally, but working around horses 
regularly and voluntarily, just to gain more experience and riding time 
between lessons was something I'd grown up with, not having a horse of my 
own. This continued throughout college and graduate school, as I'd have to 
call myself a perpetual student, even today!

I was having a hard time deciding which breed I'd eventually like to own 
myself, because while its certainly nice to be paid to ride someone else's 
horses, it can be painful to become attached to someone else's. To me, that 
bond is one of the most rewarding aspects of the human-horse relationship. I 
was favoring the gaited breeds, but preferred the natural horses, which, in 
the northeast at the time, were few and far between. It wasnt until I was on 
vacation in Florida in 1975, after completing my Masters thesis,"Equine 
Locomotion: Visual Perception vs. Reality," that I discovered the Paso Fino 
- one trailride is all it took to make a decision. Certainly, in light of my 
interest in gait, I felt driven to explore the possibilities of this unique 
gaited breed, so new in the US at the time. I found myself coming home from 
vacation with a 3 year old colt! And that was only the beginning of the 

I consider these next 26 years one long research project in breeding and 
training, trying to preserve the natural aspects of gait thru educated 
breeding, as well as developing ways of riding and training just as 
naturally. While I initially intended to raise and train my own horses for 
pleasure, the opportunity to train others added to my understanding of 
bloodlines, conformation and gait,and by 1979 I quit my teaching job to work 
with Paso Finos full-time. Over the years, my intense interest in refining 
my understanding of natural gait has included working periodically with 
other breeds of gaited horses, including Walkers, Racking Horses, 
Saddlebreds, Missouri Foxtrotters, and Spotted Saddle Horses...kind of, 
"comparative work," to gain better perspective on similarities and 

I have had the proud pleasure to own a 4 time Top Ten Sire, Favorito que 
tal,producer of numerous National and Grand National Champions; receive 
numerous Championships, High Point awards, and Nationals placements with  my 
stock,including 4 this past year, although the focus has always been to 
produce a top all-around horse with versatile gait capabilities, not 
necessarily a "show horse." Regardless of what recreational activity we 
choose to do with our horses, we all share the goals of developing our 
understanding and communication skills with these wonderful equines  to work 
together in as perfect harmony as possible...which to me, brings the 
greatest rewards of all.

I look forward to helping others achieve the same such joys with their 
horses as I've attained over the many years by participating in this forum!


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