After completing a Masters’ thesis on Equine Locomotion, Stella Manberg-Wise discovered Paso Fino horses and purchased her first over 25 years ago (a PR son of Cupido). She has been involved full-time since 1979 in breeding, training, researching, drawing, writing published articles, consulting and giving educational clinics on balanced riding (Riding in Harmony), training using dressage principles, and gait – above all, loving the breed - ever since. 

Besides founding one of the Regional Chapters of the Paso Fino Horse Assn (Mason-Dixon), she organized and chaired many successful Paso Fino horse shows, including the first in the state of Maryland, the first all-Spanish breed show in the US; contributed most of the illustrations in the national assn rule book, and has held various regional offices, from president to director on the national board. Although always just a small breeder, she was owner of 4 time Top Ten Sire Favorito que tal, known for his outstanding largo & producer of numerous National and Grand National Champions in Pleasure and Performance; a 2 time Reserve National Champion Dam; and has produced numerous Nationals placed horses (and High Point Endurance) over two decades, mostly Pleasure and Bellas Formas, including 4 in 2001. The aim of her program has always been to produce a top quality, versatile all-around horse with a wide range of gait speeds, a long-term personal companion enjoyable and successful in a wide range of equestrian pursuits.

Previously a teacher, she most enjoys sharing her knowledge and consulting with newcomer riders and breeders on the many attributes and unique aspects of the breed, especially characteristics and preservation of the naturalness of the Paso Fino gait.


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