Born and raised on a family farm outside of Louisville, I was  a tomboy and daddy's little girl. My father taught me how to ride the Ole fashioned way  Get On!  I was lucky enough to have 2 1/2 TWH and 1/2 Saddlebred mares that I hacked around on and thoroughly enjoyed.

My parents made me chose a sport that I could excel in and sad to say horses were not it ,due to a lack of money in those days. I chose DIVING. I dove springboard and platform for 13 years and achieved Elite Athlete status in college. The pressure and training to complete in events like the Junior Olympics and SEC Championships is where I draw my Show Mind from. Which paid off for me and my amateur trained Paso Fino mare this past summer in the show ring.

After college it was time to get a real job in my degree field which was Graphic Design.  Well I did a internship in Lexington and ran a small Thoroughbred farm in Georgetown, Ky.  Learned a lot of classical training background from the owner and A LOT of what not to do.  I found what not to do very interesting because it clues you into behavior problems humans have engendered into horses ,rather than the horse being responsible for it.

Alas, I was homesick and back to Louisville I went.  There I replied to an ad in the paper for a horse drawn carriage driver.  I got the job.  That was 9 years ago, Today I run my own horse drawn carriage business with my father.  Buena Vista Carriage, named after the first saddle I ever had.

While driving carriages  I meet my good friend Clare. She had a gentleman that she rode horses for that needed a rider. I rode every horse he put me on and passed "his" test.  Not only was he
retraining me but he was also teaching me to train ,work and listen to a horse.  This training is
ongoing. I will never even come close to knowing all but I will at least try. Dealing with horses is a
continual education process, especially dealing with the gaited breeds.

I truly enjoy the fine balance I have found between my day job and training horses as an amateur, and driving my carriage.  I deal primarily with American Saddlebreds, Tenneesee Walking Horses, Peruvian Pasos, Paso Finos and Percheron drafts. I forgot the occasional off the track Thoroughbred that I reschool as lesson horses. I have a unique ,old fashioned, dressage based, natural way of riding, training & communicating with horses.  I  invite your questions  and I will try to answer them in a way that is workable and comprehensive for the ordinary gaited horse enthusiasts, like myself. 

My Best,  Robin Reichart

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