Elizabeth Graves
Shades of Oak

Educating horses and people
by working together peacefully
and humanely

Elizabeth has been a very active part of the equine industry for over 30 years, showing and training with her mother as a child in Minnesota.  Riding stock horses and Arabians  until she moved to the state of Virginia in 1978. She started a training business  with her
then husband. 

With this move she discovered  a new experience with gaited horses. The Tennessee Walking horse being the first. Being appalled by the picture being presented  with these  horses. She was determined and continue to train theses and all gaited horse with 
classical methods taught by her mother. 

She has always trained and shown light shod and barefoot. Starting with good ground work basics, working to develop and bring out the natural gaits as well as the versatility of each individual.

Believing education is the way to make changes and create better understanding. Liz saw a need  to help educate and eliminate some of the confusion about the different gaits. She  proposed and developed a Gait and conformation standard (copyright 1993) for what was the IPWHA.  Judging all breeds since 1982, Liz saw a need for a pool of honest, sound horse judges for the country to turn to. Again through IPWHA she developed and launched their sound horse judging program.

Through that first fascination with the TWH Liz was determined to learn everything possible about all the gaited breeds, share everything with those that want to learn  through conducting clinics , judging, teaching her clients on the ranch, volunteering my time to the local 4-H and hoofed rescue .

Moving her business back to Minnesota in 1995, she still continues to learn, enjoy the horses and people everyday.

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