Classical principals of riding 
combined with 
knowledge of and experience with gaited horses. 
Lee Ziegler has been riding all types of horses since before she could walk --- both Western on the family ranch in Wyoming and English with various teachers, most notably a former  instructor from the US Cavalry School at Ft. Riley.  She also spent some time learning German dressage methods in Germany. 
 After an automobile accident 30 years ago she discovered gaited horses, first Fox Trotters, then Walking horses and rackers.  She started riding, training and teaching others to ride all types of gaited horses, applying the principles of good horsemanship she had first learned with non-gaited horses. 
She has been a judge and inspector for Missouri Fox Trotting Horses since the early 1980's.
Lee and Cinnabar, 
ridden in a trail speed fox trot.
                                                                                 Lee and Balthazar, collected fox trot -- showing extreme engagement of the hindquarters.
Lee practicing a basic flexibility exercise --- head to wall, or leg yield.
Lee with a 3 year old colt learning about water -- "Morgan Brown" practicing his trail skills.
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