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 Sound Training for a Sound Horse, Body & Mind

Laura has been training horses for over 30 years.  She started training when she was a teenager and spent the next 15 years training mostly quarter horses and other trotting breeds.  When she was still young enough to take the hard knocks, she bought spoiled, outlaw horses for a few hundred dollars and reworked them to sell as pleasure trail horses.  One of these horses became a schooling horse for a hunter/jumper school after he was retrained, helping to teach children to ride.  These "rogue" horses taught Laura a lot about dealing with abused horses and provided the foundation for how she handles spoiled/abused horses to this day.  Her current training methods include techniques learned from most of the gentle horse philosophies along with techniques based on her years of experience with many breeds of horses.
Laura has always loved horses (getting her first cantankerous Shetland pony when she was 8 yrs old - boy could that little pony buck!) and uses humane, loving care to teach the horses that no one will hurt them or scare them.  She is also firm and consistent and horses know exactly where they stand with her.  For the last 16 years, Laura has been training mostly gaited horses.  She has done this on a part time basis while working a full-time engineering job.  Laura quit her engineering job on March 1st, 1999 and is now training gaited horses full-time. 
Among the gaited horses she has trained are Tennessee Walking Horses, 
Missouri Fox Trotters, Rocky Mountain/Pleasure horses, Peruvian Pasos, Paso Finos and Saddlebreds.  She uses natural, sound training practices and tailors the training to the individual horse and rider.  She uses the horse's innate natural ability and brings out the horses potential to achieve the best gait possible with each horse.  She also emphasizes good ground manners and people skills.
She trains owners as well as horses to ensure that everyone knows what to do and how to do it.  Laura has been very successful in the show ring and has given well-attended clinics for the TWH, MFT and Rocky Mountain Horses. 
Laura is the owner/trainer of Shaker's Kiowa Sun (TWH) who won the 1995 TWHBEA Versatility High Point Championship in Model (this mare has 44 versatility points in model, holds a Versatility Championship, and is 17 points away from her Supreme Versatility Championship). 
Some of the other horses Laura has trained include:

Payable on Demand (TWH): 1997 & 1998 Colo State Model Champion, 1997 Colo State Plantation 2-gait champion, 1998 Colo State Plant. 2-gait reserve champion
Jesse's Lonesome Dove (MFT): 1997 Colo State Champion of Champions (won 7 classes)
Gold Dust Dandy (MFT): 1999 Colo State Halter Championship, 1999 Gaited Horse Expo - 1st place - 2yr old MFT Stallions/gelding class.
Postrock Thundermountain (Rocky): 1999 Gaited Horse Expo - 1st place - 2yr old Mountain Horse Stallions/gelding class. 
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