Even at a very young age I used to dream and fantasize about the horse I was going to someday own… little did I know how far this would take me. My first riding experience consisted of our whole family (all 7 members) going to a horse farm and riding around a small pen on their trail horses. I still remember my one sister on the oldest horse there – and all that horse wanted to do was to slowly plod along barely making the breakover in each step.  At the age of 10 I volunteered at a local handicapped riding facility. A few weeks after I began regular riding lessons. 
    My encounter with gaited horses began right off, although at that point I had no idea the difference between a smooth ride and a hard trot. My first horse was a 5yr old very green Paso Fino gelding that we called Jerry. I had little worry about riding him and still don’t these days, even though he has always been easier to spook than my other horses and has tons more energy. He has always been a generally solid mount, being the first horse I’ve taken swimming, team penning, camping, attempt at playing polo, and being a forever forgiving and wonderful partner. Since then I have acquired a variance of breeds, yet my training has stayed simple and similarly the same through them all. 
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