Christine Schwartz was born in Germany where she fell in love with Icelandics and Gaited Standardbreds as a young teenager. 

Christine showing on Fraendi, a five gaited Icelandic.
With her first Icelandic horse Valur in tow she immigrated to Canada in the late 70's and has been the trainer at The Icelandic Horse Farm in Vernon, B.C. for the past 21 years. She cares for and trains their 140+ Icelandics and travels around North America to teach Icelandic riding clinics. 

Christine is a Certified TTEAM Practitioner II and has written 6 books about the care and training of Icelandic Horses. She has participated in 3 World Championships for Icelandic Horses in Europe and won numerous High Point Awards at Gaited Horse Shows in Western Canada and the Western US with a number of different Icelandic horses. Her first priority is having fun with horses and she is hoping to finish her Centered Riding Instructor Certification this summer.

Christine doing freework with a young Icelandic.



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