A native of Morgan County, Alabama, My first registered Tennessee Walking Horse came to me in 1965 when my father purchased a six year old padded stallion for me, his 9 year old daughter.  This sounds like a recipe for disaster, but he was an exceptional horse and made the perfect horse for me.  I developed an interest in showing, first in pleasure classes, then in padded classes. 
I graduated from the MTSU horse program with a b.s. degree in animal science in 1977.   In the early eighties, I resumed my interest in pleasure horses and founded ,  with three of my friends,  the Pleasure Walking Horse Association of Tennessee (PWHAT) .

I have owned and operated my present  training stable since 1985.  Some of the notable horses that I have trained include Generatorís Souvenir, Go Mr..Go and most recently, Reverend Moon.  I use lots of natural horsemanship and dressage techniques in my training program. 

This interest in classical dressage led me to become interested in the Andalusian Horse, and I currently have some Andalusians in training as well as the Walkers.

I feel that we need to promote the sound,  natural horse as a show and trail horse, and most of all, enjoy the fellowship and team work with each other.