Bob has been active in the Quarter Horse Association, the Appaloosa Association, and the MO Foxtrotter Association. He won the Eastern States Cutting Championship in 1963 with an Appaloosa horse he had raised and trained himself. This horse was also gaited. In retirement he became interested in MO Foxtrotter Horses and began to raise and train them for his own enjoyment. 

A licensed MFTHBA judge his business keeps him on the road during the summer and so keeps him from judging MFTHBA shows as often as he would like, but he has judged several large shows including the Mid America fall show and the Arkansas Gaited show. Due to his qualifications he was most recently ask to judge the Celebration but had to refuse it due to prior medical commentments. He is outspoken and makes it very plain that if he judges a show at all he will judge the performance of the horse only and not who owns or rides it. 

Bob has taught problem solving, round pen training, and shoeing clinics for several horse breeds all over the USA and teaches the rider techniques to train his/her own horse. He has been a fox trotter judge as well as a judge for other breeds of horses and because of his experience with several breeds has been  a multibreed judge. 

His teaching experience includes giving private and group riding lessons in a riding school setting, training horses for the track, corrective shoeing  and working with veternarians to develop techniques to address hoof problems where corrective shoeing is needed,teaching comprehensive horse clinics, retraining problem horses, teaching farrier apprentices,  horse shoeing and hoof problem clinics, and much more. 

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