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Suggestions to assist first time stallion owners?
Minnesota, TWH, Starting to refuse
Spotted Racking Horse,
 does not rack.
New YorkKentucky Mtn. Saddle Horse bucked me off twice.
Arkansas, 2 yr. old is GAITED. I have never owned a gaited horse.
Idaho, Correct Saddle fit for English Saddle on Paso Fino
Oklahoma, not sure what kind of sadle to get for TWH
Rocky Mountain 3 year old, seems unable to hold his gait for more than a few minutes
Spooky 3 year old TWH
Non-USA 5 year old TWH, has no WHOA when traveling at speed.
Florida 7 month old Racking/Saddelbred, any special training at this age?
Wisconsin 1 year old TWH, likes to chew on other horse's tails! 
Arizona 5 year old RMH, will he still think and acts like a stallion after he has been gelded?
Hawaii 11 year old SSH,  how to get smooth canter?
Missouri 2 year old  American Saddlebred, How do get and maintain the correct animated trot?
South Carolina 10 year old welsh/quarter/? need to have him relax and slow down
Missouri 4 year old Racking Horse, has trouble picking up canter
South Carolina 3 year old  Racking/Walker, smooth when on a incline,but she is real bumpy on flat ground.
Virginia 8 year old  Standardbred, trouble getting
Missouri 8 year old TWH, stumbling
California Looking to get Gaited.
Florida 14 year old TWH, can he get past hang ups?
Kansas 5 year old SSH/TNW, doen't want to leave the "herd"
 Kentucky 4 year old Racking Horse, wants to bolt or go very fast.
7 year old Paso Fino, in side pull, can start him in
a mild, full cheek snaffle bit?
Missouri 5 year old walker/saddlebred, having trouble getting a saddle to fit my horse.
 Michigan, 4 year old  Rocky Mountain Horse, gaites with lots of "chop'
Michigan, 3 year old  TWH. spooks violently
New York, 14 year old Paso Fino, just will not stand still when she is 
tacked up
West Virginia 2 year old TWH has a a rearing problem.
Oregon 15 year old TWH, what bit, and how to teach to neck rein?
What are the  gaits of a Kentucky Mountain Horse?
North Carolina 11 year old Paso Fino has started bucking.
New York 11 year old Standardbred, won't move under saddle
Massachusetts 3 yr. 4 mos. Rocky Mt. Horse under saddle 10 months, but  his knees still haven't fully closed.
Non-USA, 5 year old Tennessee Walking Horse,  with sudden inability to back or whoa properly.
Paso Fino, the minute I put my foot up she pulls her rear end to the right. 
Iowa, 12 year old TWH, really buddy sour or just  really frightened?
Tennessee 1 1/2 year old TWH, over at the knees?
California, 19 years old of Unknown Gaited Breed, trained not to use this gait and expects to be reprimanded for it.
Will treats cause my horse to founder?
TWH 3 yrs old, refuses to cross creek
Massachusetts 3 year old Rocky Mt., too young to start hard work?
Michigan 3 year old TWH, dogwalks well at home in the pen but out on the trail picks up pace.
New Jersey 18 year old MFT, on her left lead, she canters in the front and trots behind. 
Illinois 5 year old Paso Fino Stallion, has become very aggresive.
Ohio 20 plus year old TWH, need insight as to signals, cues, that I need to know.
Illinois 4 year old Tenn. Walking Horse, has a tendency to be pacey at times.
Oregon 5 Year old RMH, is it a bad idea to lope her?
Illinois 4 year old Tenn. Walking Horse, has a tendency to be pacey
Missouri 7 year old Tennessee Walker, new behavior is to rear and buck!
Kentucky 3 year old TWH, how to persuade him into a rack or gait.
Idaho 13 year old Paso Fino needs bit advise and how to find first gear!
Missouri Foxtrotter, 3 years old, would like to teach show canter as 4 year old
Kansas 3 year old Saddlebred headshy and rearing
Ohio 7 year TWH, How to teach to canter on cue.



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