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Mississippi 5 year old TWH,  need to get more depth in back end.
Pennsylvania Gaited Gelding, running through the bit.
Should a Walker be allowed to fox trot?
Tennessee Walking mare does not want to rack at all.
Missouri Fox Trotter, doesn't like the alum curb bit
Alabama 5 year old Spotted Saddle Horse/TWH, Falls to his knees
Kentucky Racking Mare, can't get her to behave.
Wisconsin 9 year old Peruvian Paso, Trimmed too short?
Utah 3 year old quater/tenn walker Bolts and nips.
California 13 year old  Rocky Mountain, how to collect?
Kansas 23 month old Missouri Foxtrotter, trotting when started to saddle
Colorado 2 1/2 year old 1/2 arab, 1/4 saddlebred,  should I discourage him to be gaited?
Indiana 9 year old TWH, always wants to lead when we trail ride.
Wisconsin 6 year old pacing Arabian?
Connecticut 10 year old KMSH, short coupled, saddle fit problem
North Carolina 3 year old Spotted Saddle Horse, how to to get her to lift her feet higher 
New Hampshire 6 year old Paso Fino, Need help selecting saddle.
Virginia over 12 year old TWH disunited.
Ohio Tennessee Walker Dressage Question
Indiana what to look for in a foxtrotter youngster
New Jersey 16 year old Mule, how to adjust a crupper or breeching
15 month old TWH with low pasterns
Massachusetts 4 year old American Saddlebred, too old to be started in 5 gaited work?
California 3 year old SSH, am I am messing up this great horses ability with my lack of knowledge?
3 year old TWH/SSH,
with a very hard tough mouth.
7 year old Standardbred,
bred to race on the trot but has developed more of a pace.
Indiana 7 year old Icelandic, what type of saddle?
Illinois 3 year old Rocky Mountain, doesn't seem to really like any bit.
Connecticut 2 1/2 year old Rocky Mountain, starts to crib and gets froth around his mouth.
What does it mean 
'into the bit' ?
Illinois 8 year old Tennessee Walker, how to minimize the front to back motion at the dog walk?
4 year old THW,  falls apart when I try to lope him behind my wife's' horse .
Pennsylvania 7 year old THW, really wants to poke along.
Do gaited horses, in general, have a lower, dropped pasterns?
Wisconsin 7 year old American Saddlebred, with her slow gait we are having a miss beat.
22 month old TWH, will not stay in her gait for more than 30 seconds.
Illinois TWH,  loose the under stride when taken out of German martingale
 Texas 2yr almost 3 TWH, how to start to cart
Louisiana 2 year old TWH Stallion rears up and back when mounted
Louisiana 6 year old SSH, getting him to take the bit, he reared over and fell over backwards.
Virginia 21 month old TWH
When should I start actually riding him. 
California 13 year old Rocky Mtn, working in Pelham Bit, paces and trots.
Texas 5 year old TWH, sticks his tongue out the right side of his mouth. 
Idaho Horse,  is gaited, but wonder about his breed.
Missouri 15 year old Grade Walking Horse,  herd sour and Paces
District of Columbia 4 year old TWH, finding a saddle type that will allow the withers to move adequately 
Oregon 3 year old TWH , exercises to work on during our daily training rides to prevent boredom and tone-up? 
Kentucky 7 year old Standardbred, suggestions to break up Pace under saddle?
Virginia 3 year old American Saddlebred, has lost rack.
Non-USA 4.5 year old TWH, is a "tail swisher".
Georgia 4 year old Racking Horse, I can't get any thing out of her in the ring. 
Florida 3 year old TWH, started pulling away and now we can't lead her anywhere. 
Tennessee 3 year old Racking Horse,  get any speed out of him and he breaks gait a lot. 
Michigan 10 year old TWH, she will not stand to allow me to get on.
South Dakota 5 year old, how should the hind feet be trimmed to break over better and not wear the toes?
Washington 4 year old Morgan, is afraid of quick movements.



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