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2 Year old 
Paso Fino,
Should it be worked in Round Pen?
Alabama TWH, supposed to be doing a running walk and is not nodding his head
Texas MFT, starts shaking his head and trying to pull the reins out of my hands.
New York 3 year old  Mountain Pleasure Horse. Trainer says is "Not Natural" for horse to gait!
What is the TRUE definition of a Gaited Horse?
How to teach a mare to side pass?
Louisiana 6 year old Paso Fino, will not stand to mount.
North Carolina, TWH, How long should feet be, and how to start bitting?
Peruvian Paso 
with sore feet
7 Year old Paso Fino mare drops head when turning
West Virginia 2 1/2 year Paso, What is the best way to begin training of gaits?
Colorado MFT, do not know how to get the trot or the rack
Need specific information on how to properly train my single foot Morgan gelding.
7 year old fox trotter goes straight to pace when asked to speed up.
Wisconsin 6 year old  TWH, only trots.
Louisiana 5 year old Paso Fino, Won't flex under saddle or during ground work
Colorado 4 year old Fox Trotter, came away from the trainers stiff as a board and therefore pacey. 
Kentucky 7 year old Tennessee walker, to old to be trained for showing?
Why are the shanks on bits commonly used on Gaited Horses longer?
Alabama 6 year old Racking Horse has developed a habit of turning his head and neck to the right.
Illinois 2 year old TWH, how to get a longer stride and even a longer overreach
Mississippi 3 year old Paso Fino, started kicking at her tail.
Washington, Paso Fino, how to flex at the pole while in motion?
Wisconsin, 16 year old Paso Fino has begun to stumble! 
Illinois 6 year old Paso Fino, refuses one foot and to be bridled.
North Carolina, Spotted Saddle Horse,  does not pay attention while under saddle. 
New York RMH, is VERY lateral!
Florida Paso Fino, with dominance/intimidation issue? 
Washington, MFT with Trailer loading problem.
Florida MFT, now he just goes straight to a pace.
Tenn. Walkers, square up in deep footing, pacey on hard surfaces.
Florida 5 year old Paso Fino, always goes with his nose up. 
Texas 8 month old  Walking Horse, Lunging?
Florida, 2 1/2 year old Paso Fino, has forgotten everything I have taught him.
Indiana 4 year old MFT, has a bad habit of nippping.
Utah, TWH, having trouble slowing down the canter
Mississippi Walker Mix, not move away to lunge
Oregon  2 1/2 year old TWH, downhill conformation?
Massachusetts 3 1/2 Year old  TWH. Should she stay in sidepull?
Tennessee, 5 year old Morgan with lack of rear impulsion and extension of gait 
Alabama 7 year old Racking horse, pacing due to shoeing?
Louisiana Paso Fino with problem in trailer.
Minnesota Foxtrotter, takes off galloping and bucking, and most frequently paces.
9 year old  Tennessee Walker, will not move. 
Missouri, 2 year old TWH, how to get more head shake.
West Virginia, TWH not responding to the bit, and has no brakes.
Michigan 7 year old Paso Fino, moving to no horse companion home.
Illinois 6 year old TWH. Will driving her improve or affect her saddle gaits?
California 6 year old Icelandic, bolting!
California 9 year old Rocky Mountain, is hard to stop.
Washington 5 year old Fox Trotter, follows too close on  Trail
South Carolina 5 year old Paso Fino, physically capable of flying lead changes?
How do you train a horse to park out?
Suggestions on types/names/styles of western-style saddles for TWH
Tennessee, Standard Bred that will not rack on hard surface
North Carolina 11 month old TWH,  trouble catching her to put her halter on.