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Pennsylvania SSH with jarring RW and throwing head
California 4 year old racking horse Loosing gait
Washington 3 year old 3/4 Peruvian Paso will no longer gait
 Standardbred  can't maintain gait
American Curly Stallion 
aggressive toward one mare
Ga TWH will not move forward in ring
 Alaska KMH, how to eliminate the trot from his gaits.
 Video to Help NY, MPH with starting under saddle
What to do with Icelandic Foals, and when to start to saddle?
Non-USA 4 year old  TWH needs help with neck reining
Kentucky 4 year old  Tennessee Walker, has gotten "pacey"
Indiana, 7 year old Ten.Walker, smooth gait at times and a rough gait at times. Also Spooky
Icelandic has begun to have a "hitch" in the right hind leg when at a tolt.
TWH has new trainer that want's
to use a tie down.
 Does a Racking Horse naturally have that gait?
 Walker doesn't have a "rocking chair" canter.
Smooth gaited horse from a TWH/Fresian cross?
MFT has had problem with back feet being handled.
Getting a retired pacer to canter under saddle.
4 1/2 year old TWH has lost RW
Racking Horse on pads looses smoothness.
Alabama Owner Asks difference in flatwalk and the rack
Will Thoroughbred/TWH cross Gait?
Basic Training for MFT Baby
Need help with TWH side-stepping downhill
Ohio STB with VIXL?
Pacing Standardbred is problem for rider with back problems
Gait Problem caused by deep, loose footing of the indoor arena?
Foxtrotter, needs to shake ears?
ask her to turn, she keeps on turning.
How can I GET a TWH to trot under saddle?
MFT does sudden leap in the air  and kick out or try and bolt
5 year old TWH should I bring him in and collect him?
How to RIDE a 
Gaited Horse?
Can you PERMANENTLY "RUIN" a naturally Gaited Horse?
How to set MFT in gait, running walk or fox trot?
Hard to catch Peruvian Paso Mare
How to make my Quarter Horse gait?
SSH pulls on the bit ALL THE TIME.
ASB smoother in English or Western?
How to Get TWH to do good running walk for Other Riders?
Will TB /SSH Cross filly Gait?
6 year old HUGE TWH always tripping
MFT not motivated to move out faster than a working walk. 
Georgia 8 year old TWH with not much whoa or turn
Washington TWH only does the RW on the way home from trail rides
6 month old colt dragging left hind foot
Penn 2 year old RMH, too young to ride and weight limits rider?
Morgan Mare, Trained to trot but prefers gait, how to keep in gait under saddle?
California TWH not doing the gait wanted and not behaving under saddle.
Oklahoma, Planning on getting TWH, DISPOSITION Question
Missouri Foxtrotter, almost 2 year old, 
backs up and rears
When is a TWH mature, and will stop growing?
West Virginia 6 year old Paso Fino, confused between forward and back
What is the best way to train a Missouri Foxtrotter for a flat foot walk? 
Sugestions for for exercises and  bitting 3 year old TWH