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RMH Doesn't gait
MFT hold his head off to the right. 
Horse won't back!
TWH Doesn't stand still to be mounted.
Need to get
Fox Trot back!
 Standardbred Cross does not carry himself well!
 Starting a 3 year old filly from scratch
 Out of shape TWH, pacey and trotty.
Paso Fino 4 yr. old. Contracted heels, and collection.
 Racking Horse with "bunny hop" type walk.
 MFT VERY front heavy and PACES.
 RHM Tripping and won't gait.
TWH only Paces!
 TWH has lost running walk
 TWH  w/ callus
 Side-Stepping Gaited Mare
Walkaloosa has lost Gait.
 18 year old TWH lost eye, changed gait? 
 Young Paso Fino won't walk
 4 TWH only wants to trot? 
TWH doesn't want to go out alone.
 Gaited Curly Farriers / shoes question? 
KMSHA very trotty, what differences in training from TWH?
 TWH/QH Gelding Used to do running walk, now very trotty!
Texas TWH Mare arthritis in hock, wants to canter rather than RW! 
Rocky Mnt cross , will not gait in hand.
 Mustang gaits at liberty, not under saddle. How can I develop gait under  saddle?
 TWH has great gait at play, choppy under saddle. 
SSH Out of shape and overweight has lost running walk.
 21 yr. old American Saddlebred not sure how to tell her to gait if she ever did gait.
Pros and cons of Bob Marshall schooling and training saddle?
Tennessee Walking pinto can't do his 'natural" tennessee walking horse gait 
Missouri,  Paso Fino, how can I get him to step higher?
Just bought SSH, Lazy and will not maintain RW
Different techniques for basic ground training of a gaited horse? 
Nebraska, Ring Worm Problem!
 New Jersey, Racking Horse, does not rack consistently
Indiana RMH/KMSH rider doesn't want him starting to pace
What age does foal have to be to start taking along on trail rides?
 North Carolina TWH 2 Year old,  how get more front end lift without adding heavy shoes?
Texas 3 Yr. old Paso, how to set head?
  Fox Trotter gelding fights bit being put in mouth
 Rocky Mountain Mare won't turn
 Someone else was on my TWH's back, he started to pace
Racking Horse leaning into the bit
American Curly Foxtrotter
question related to gait and breeding.
How to cue TN Walker into his gaits.
4 Year Old TWH Nicking himself when being ridden
Missouri Fox Trotter Pacing
 How to maintain the correct head set and the Foxtrot
QTR/STB Cross 2 year old, how to get gait under saddle? 
Mule bucks when asked to Canter
Missouri Missouri Fox Trotter Australian stock saddle 
TWH mare has fallen
several times.
California 4 year old Missouri Foxtrotter stumbling frequently
Teaching to park out