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Virginia 5 year old racking/tennesse walker with club foot, help to smooth out gait
Michigan 3 year old Spotted Saddle Horse, kneecaps in both stifles pop back and forth. 
Arkansas 20 year old Racking Mare, severely stumbling on flat ground.
Vermont 14 year old TWH, how to ask her to trot and/or canter?
13 year old TWH Gelding, now he wants to pace all the time.
6 year old Fox Trotter / Walker cross, has an unusually thick neck.
Missouri, 4 year old MFT, paces with high headed with nose out.
Georgia 5 year old Tennessee Walker, gets real pacey and slings her head
Pennsylvania 14 year old TWH, who doesn't park. Is this a learned trait?
Wisconsin 5 year old Kt Mt Horse, I can get a running walk but anything faster and he falls apart.
Michigan 2 year old MFT, out of the blue, will buck.
Michigan 3 year old TWH, How do you teach a horse to dogwalk?
Indiana 2 year old SSH, when you go to saddle her she freaks out
North Carolina 7 year old Peruvian Paso, when his hind foot strikes the ground it toes in and rolls over onto the front of his
8 year old MFT, doing every gait imaginable except racking
Arizona 4 year old Saddlebred, has difficulty cantering on either lead.
Kentucky 10 year old Saddlebred, is absolutely wide open all the time.
Standardbred 9 years old, he is a free pacer and only trots with great difficulty.
Michigan 18 year old TWH, goes fast with no control

3 tennessee walkers doing the same thins, is it  the rocking horse canter?



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