Estimate Your Horse's Weight

The weight of your horse is the basic guide to calculating balanced rations, the single most necessary factor for sound health and good peformance, and is mandatory in the administration of many of the new, potent and expensive drugs it is also is important for things like ordering harness,  and monitoring your horse's condition. To estimate your horse's weight, measure its girth and length as show in the illustration, enter those numbers in the fields provided below, and click on the "Weight Estimate" button. 

Girth is the circumference of the horse's body about 4" behind its front legs. Measure the horses heart girth by placing an inch tape measure around horse's body about 4"behind the front legs and pull it tight enough to depress the flesh slightly - the horse should stand square with head upright - take several measurements and average for best results. 

Length is the length of the horse's body as measured in a straight line from the point of shoulder to the buttocks use the image as a guide.

how to measure


Measurements are in:inchescentimeters

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