The Vet cultures the mare, he calls three days later with the results. The culture revealed an organisms cultured from the uterus to be Escherichia coli. He mentions that E-coli is one of the most common pathogens isolated during endometrial culturing. The bacteria is present in almost all fecal material, and it is therefore very easy for the uterus - or the swab sample - to become
contaminated. Therefore he has had a cytology smear prepared of the endometrial sample in conjunction with the culture. The cytology smear shows neutrophil presence, which indicates a uterine inflammatory response is in progress, so this indicates it is very probable that it is indeed an accurate diagnosis. The  "sensitivity" testing run which will identifed Gentamycin to be the treatment to which the pathogen is sensitive. 

He recommends an infusion of the Gentamycin, suspended in 400 milliliters of sterile saline repeated once daily for three days.

You agree to the treatment and arrange to meet the vet for the three days of treatment.
Your investment so far:
Item Cost
Research Costs $100.00
Stud Fee $800.00
Vet Farm Call, HC and Coggins $52.00
Palpation $20.00
3 vet calls for infusion + Antibiotic cost $140.00
Sub Total $1,112.00

At the end of the treatment the vet gives the OK to send the mare on to the stallion.


A. Have a trailer and transport the mare yourself.

B. Do not have a trailer.