You call your vet and make arraingemanet to have him out at the 9 weeks gestation point to have your mare Re-Checked by Ultrasound.

Your investment so far:
Item Cost
Research Costs $100.00
Stud Fee $800.00
Vet Farm Call, HC and Coggins $52.00
Palpation $20.00
3 vet calls for infusion + Antibiotic cost $140.00
Transportation round trip to farm. $150.00
2 Ultrasound Fees $100.00
Sub Total $1,362.00

Your vet arrives and ultrasounds the mare, he says all is in order, the mare is in foal and he reminds you that the mare needs Equine Rhinopneumonitis vaccines at 5, 7 and 9 months along in her pregnancy.

You can :

A. Schedule and follow up on giving the vaccinations as reccomended.
B. Give the shots yourself.
C. Descide not tr vacinate for Equine Rhinopneumonitis