CONGRATULATIONS! Your mare is in foal! You can have her picked up immediately, which you arrange to do.

Your investment so far:
Item Cost
Research Costs $100.00
Stud Fee $800.00
Vet Farm Call, HC and Coggins $52.00
Palpation $20.00
3 vet calls for infusion + Antibiotic cost $140.00
Transportation round trip to farm. $150.00
Ultrasound Fee $50.00
Board For Mare @ 22 days $110.00
Sub Total $1,422.00

The stallion owner gives you a Written Live Foal Guarantee and recommends that you have the mare re-checked for pregnancy at 9 weeks gestation by ultrasound, to determine if she is still in foal and to check for twinning.

You can :

A. Have the mare ultrasounded in 9 weeks to determine status.
B. Not have the mare re-checked.