Excellent information and illustrations.  Look forward to more!

Very good.. about time. I have rode bareback for years and it is hard for me to see people that complain of their butt bones being sore. In my opinion, there should be very little wieght on a "Butt Bone". If the distribution of body wieght is correct, (low) than there is very little discomfort and a whole lot of stability.
Michelle Phillips

Thanks for this article!
I'm just thinking of buying a gaited horse and this really helped me understand how to begin riding them! Looking forward to the rest of the series!

The information is wonderful....and so much of it!  I hope you don't take this off the site because it's just so much to learn I'll need lots of time to reread again and again.  Thanks for all the wonderful knowledge you're sharing on gaited horses.  I have not found anything yet that is an equal!
A gaited horse rider and horse lover,
Chris Mackey