I just finished reading the Racking Gait and can finally understand what my horse is doing.  I've been riding for almost 30 years but just recenty got into gaited horses.  One of our TWH's, we now have four, has a beautiful gait that always made me feel as if he was just on the verge of exploding but he's very collected and controlled. Collected is described as the head set, neck carriage and position of his frame over his legs, it is so comfortable to ride but not like anything I was used to at all from the Appaloosas and Quarter Horses I had been riding for the past 28 years.  Controlled is described as his being able to maintain this gait for long stretches, so it wasn't a mistake.  While trail riding he was in this gait with the setting sun to our left so his legs where shadowed on the ground to my right and I was able to see what was going on but did not understand it.  I've since seen him exhibit the racking gait in the pasture when playing with his horse buddies.  Now,
after reading the article and seeing the gait footfall I think I understand the feeling I get when he does this.  I'd rather ride a racking horse than a cantering horse on the wrong lead anyday! Great article!
Kathy Tuschhofff
Paola Kansas