The article is wonderful. Finally something that shows one gait with all the different breed names AND with good pictures. The explenation is clear and the animated gifs do a good job. I am looking forward to an article that will explain the difference of a rack and stepping pace. That is still not completely clear to me.
 Sandra van den Hof

I just wanted to comment that the article on the racking gaits along with all of the animation is just SUPERB!  I sure would like to see future articles with the animation for all the different gaits.  The animation is what brought the article to life.  I've owned gaited horses for ten years and it would have been nice to have seen articles with animation like this one to help train one's eyes.  It is so hard to educate newbies and even my veterinarian about the gait spectrum.  Quote from my vet, "Once those legs get moving everywhere all at once, I just get lost!"  Awesome!  I hope to see more!
Tara Flewelling