Bird planter ready to go. Note orange bird bag and the collar around the horse's neck, this is for picketing him. Rider John Potter
Blue Roan TWH. Field Trial horse owned, at that time, by Henry Caruso
Two competitors ready to go. Both have Paso Fino. TWH in the background. The horse on the left carries a water bottle for the dog in addition to the check rope.
Dog being roaded. In this case the handler has opted not to attach to the saddle. Ice and Cindy Long
Dog Heading to the front during a brace.
R to L
Dogs staked out, German Shorthair, German Shorthair, Pointer, Weimaraner. Spotted Saddle Horse in background staked out.
Heading out
Field Trail weather can be wet, cold, hot, warm or snowy. These riders are dressed for a cold wet trail.
Beautiful Field Trial Weather
Judges waiting for their 1st brace.

Both horses are TWH

Missouri Foxtrotter
Notice the covered stirrups. Trailers prefer these. They protect boots when traveling through brush or cactus.

Horse is Ice owned by Cindy Long

Peruvian Paso and Judge Linda Keeton

Handler in the orange coat is taking her Hungarian Vizla to the line.

Spotted Saddle Horse on Stake out. Typical field trial rig in background. Dogs are kenneled in the middle, horses in the back. Dogs may be in crates in the middle of dog boxes may be built into one wall. The handler will usually have abed in the front of the trailer and he or she will stay with the dogs at night.
Starting a Brace
Typical collection of items unloaded from a pro handler's trunk and trailer. Not the hoses, these are what trailers picket the horse out on. A pro carries everything imaginable for dogs, horses and humans.
TWH fully tacked and waiting for his owner's braces. Note the tab that sticks out the back of the saddle. This is to attach the check cord for roading. Or rings in the front of the saddle may be used also.
TWh on stake out.
This is a TWH, Paso Fino cross. This horse is in typical Filed Trial Tack. Note the check cord rope for roading. This horse spent part of a day tied to a trailer. Also note the dog harness hanging by the rope. Horse is owned by Tom Hanson of Lancaster California. The trooper saddle sports a pad on the seat for extra comfort. Trooper, Aussie, McClellen and English saddles are popular with an occasional western thrown in.
TWH Preparing to go out on a brace at the starting line. The horse is in typical field trial tack. Dan Long holding the horse.
The dog has established point. his handler is attempting to flush the bird. Meanwhile the marshall has courteously taken the handlers horse, which was ground tied. Spotted Saddle Horse and TWH. Handler is Chuck Cooper Horseman is John Franck
Two TWH being readied to go out.

John Cochran and friend. The horse on the left has an Aussie saddle.