The American Walking Pony Registry was established in 1968, by  the breed's founder, Joan Hudson Brown  The  foundation cross of the American Walking Pony was  produced by crossing  various bloodlines of the Reg. Tennessee Walking Horse and the Reg. Welsh Pony. The gaits of the American Walking Pony are the Pleasure Walk, Merry Walk, Trot  and the Canter.  The American Walking Pony has  inherited jumping capability from the Welsh Pony and a smooth gait from the TWH. 

American Walking Ponies have competed and won in Competitive Trail Division. Five Gaited Pony. open Pleasure,  Open Western Pleasure, Open Pony Hunter Calsses ant may open breed shows, with American Walking Pony classes becoming more and more common. 

     The Walking Pony gaits are inherited,they have an  easy to ride gait which is the Pleasure Walk. It  is faster than a walk and comfortable to ride.  The Merry Walk is faster in the same cadence with little head motion. 

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