"Believe In The Future"

Reflejo El Classico is participating in the breeding program at Buena Vista Farm in Ocala, Florida under the direction of Dr. Carolin Von Rosenberg, DVM.  Buena Vista Farm offers state of the art veterinary services for mare, foals, and stallions.  Complete mare facilities are available from live cover with Reflejo to foal out.  Reflejo El Classico's semen is completEly evaluated and then either cooled or frozen for world wide shipment. 

Dr. Von Rosenberg says, "He has outstanding, great semen.  We have collected 40CC with a 9 billion sperm count, that has over 90% motility.  "Reflejo's semen is available at all times.

If you have Resorte or Capuchino bloodlines, your choice of stallion should be Reflejo.  Reflejo's semen is available at all times. 

While at Buena Vista Farm, ask to see the legendary Plebeyo, Reflejo's Grandfather.
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Reflejo has been blessed with the exquisite conformation, huge heart, and symmetrical movement of his heritage.  Reflejo's gait is flawless...Reflejo is a kind, gentle stallion that demonstrates the brio of champions and possesses the temperament of which you want to breed.  His trainer, Cese Figueroa, says, "Reflejo has the heart of a champion and he has never let me down"

Reflejo has had a stellar show career. . .  Trainers have said, "I came to qualify, but you brought that monster here."...  Fans have said, "He is like the peoples' horse, we have watched him grow and mature in the show ring, and he keeps getting better and better.". .  Respected judges have announced that, "He presents the complete picture."  His trainer, Cese Figueroa, says, "Reflejo has a lot of heart and that's what I like in a horse."  It is Reflejo's victorious heart that has made him the most winning get of El Classico.

Reflejo el Classico has it all . . .  He presents the complete picture . . .  His conformation is impeccable, with his strong straight legs, beautiful head and neck, massive chest and gorgeous long, flowing main and tail.

His movement is poetry in motion . . .  Reflejo El Classico floats over the ground with a flawless gait.  He has enormous brio with a huge, huge, huge heart and a stallion disposition that is found only in Reflejo.

Believe in the future . . .  and consider Reflejo for your Breeding Program.

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El Classico Son - Plebeyo Grandson - Bochica Great Grandson

Reflejo Show Career

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"Believe In The Future"